Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

helical theory of energy

The helical theory of energy
The proposition is that energy still moves indeed as a wavelength, but even more truly, it moves as a double helix.
It is this motion, that when “observed” appears as a wave.   This is because from every 2d snapshot, no matter the vantage point, it looks like a wave because it is seen without the interplay of background motion.  I.e. time.   I.e. it is a time-captured snapshot.    When you zoom out or in, the wave gets smaller (and thus the amplitude depends on your relative distance).  Speed is not the same as frequency.  And for some reason, frequency is not making sense to me today.
When you change angles, as you’re looking at it, the wave moves forward or backward, again depending on your relative angle (not distance, per se) change. 
The art of light?  No, this is the science of light.  He runs faster, they say, than the speed of light.   Speed is distance over time.  Acceleration is increasing speed.  Meaning, distance goes up or time goes down, relative to each other of course.  How can time go down?  It used to take us months to cross an ocean.  Now we do it more quickly.  Time has been dramatically reduced.  At least, relative to the distance.
So time marches on and it goes up and it goes down.  And so therefore, we accelerate or decelerate depending on the moment.  And one day, we hope to find someone who wants to go our speed, changing-all-the-time as it is.  Someone who wants to caravan.  May we all find our caravan.